sábado, 14 de enero de 2012


On January 30 in Spain celebrate the "Día de la Paz y la No Violencia". In my class we are preparing with many activities. Among them, within the area of ​​English, we found this story that we hear in English and Spanish. The children have heard many times and now we have to start working. In groups, children made ​​the illustrations of the story and write the Spanish text adapted for children. The teachers of English to translate the text into English and children tell the story to preschoolers.


I leave you the mural that my students did last year:

jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

ITC: A new way

The use of ICT replaces former uses and resources. The use of computers and educational software as a research tool, handling and quality of expression has a very motivating and engaging for students of different educational levels.
Today, children take as normal the presence of technology in society. Live with them and adopt them without difficulty for daily use.
It's at the age of three years when most children have their first contact with a school, and unlike earlier times, today is considered relevant as the basis for future learning, acquired habits of conduct and coexistence, big changes are happening intellectual growth, acquire great learning ability...

sábado, 24 de diciembre de 2011

Snowman and Christmas Tree

On Monday, my pupils played with "Paint". This is the best drawing. They are 6 years old. I hope you like it.

Merry Christmas

This year I working in a bilingual school. For Christmas the bilingual teacher has taught them this song.

Merry Xmas for all!!!

viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2011

I worked with children from 3 years. When we decide to change their books, they gave us a whiteboard for each class. The teachers were very happy but somewhat insecure. How is used? Did they know the children use it? We did several courses to learn to use the whiteboard and when we had the basics, put it into practice with our kids. They loved it. With only three years old my kids enjoyed it. We made cards, learned to write his name, played with her ... I put a picture here.